No Borders Community Voices

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If you are interested in joining the No Borders Community Voices please contact Patricia at

photo credit Beverley Mckiver: Lac Seul

Song Series for Odaabaanag

Song 1: Before We Went Away
Music by Beverley McKiver and Melody Mckiver

Song 2: What is Going On?

Song 3; We’re Not Going Back to Shingwauk

No Borders Community Voices Committee:

Marian De Vries Patricia Reynolds Chris Peacock

Beverley Mckiver Carmel Whittle Louise Garrow

No Borders Community Voices

A beautiful community choir project

Calling on singers from all backgrounds and abilities join the No Borders Community Voices to sing Beverley McKiver’s beautiful Odaabaanag 3-song cycle in late Spring of 2022.

The three songs are based on the stories of Indigenous Elders from Lac Seul who describe life before and during the  Residential School period and the cycle ends with a strong statement of resilience. The songs combine Anishinaabe and English words.

There are no auditions, and the ability to read music is not required. We learn the songs by ear with the lyrics and with the aid of audio and video resources available online, or in other formats if necessary. 

We have been rehearsing online since April 2020, with plans to move to in-person singing at some point in the new year when this is widely considered to be a safe activity.

Obaadaanag is an initiative in the spirit of reconciliation. Our values are based on the 7 Grandfather Teachings: respect, honesty, truth, love, wisdom, humility and bravery. We strive to be diverse, inclusive, welcoming of all abilities, respectful of all, participatory, and equal/non hierarchical.

If interested please contact  Patricia Reynolds – 613-292-8901 or Carmel Whittle – 

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